The cam boy industry on Livejasmin

Currently, the market for male models is expanding rapidly. Ana runs the only all-male sexcams studio in Bucharest. It employs about 21 camboys who work three times a day, seven days a week.

Ana was first a camgirl for several years, before realizing the untapped potential of the male model market. Dylan Green, 21, is his most selling camboy. Last year, he won the award for best male model at the Bucharest Summit Awards – the prestigious awards ceremony of the sexcam industry in Romania.

Dylan became a camboy at 18, when he was still in high school. He was training in a gymnasium when a friend offered to try. Tempted by the promise of money and adventure, he went to Ana’s studio the next day for a casting.


He had no idea what he was supposed to do in front of the camera and used Google Translation to communicate with his clients – despite this, he pocketed the respectable sum of 50 euros on his first day. Today, three years later, he can earn up to 10,000 euros in a single day.

Dylan pockets 75% of the money he earns, the rest goes to Ana’s studio. He works six to seven hours a day. He dances, shows his muscles and masturbates, sometimes wearing gladiator, gorilla or Superman costumes. Thanks to his involvement, Dylan has a loyal clientele – or “fans,” as he prefers to call them – who waits impatiently for him to connect online every day.

“Most of the members are rich, married men who seek to satisfy their gay fantasies,” says Dylan. They come here to avoid cheating on their wives. »

Dylan is not gay, but his fans don’t seem to care. “I’m here to dream,” one customer told Ana. “I don’t care about reality.”

According to Dylan, his success comes from the fact that he loves what he does and doesn’t just do it for the money. He encourages his fellow camboys to befriend their fans and communicate with them as if they were friends. “I always tell guys not to see the fans as if they were just wads of money, because that’s not what they are,” he says. They’re human beings. »

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