Top 10 reasons to have sex tonight

People constitute all kinds of excuses not to have sex. And, unlike popular belief, men apologize as often as women. Being tired, having a headache, feel stressed or bored are common excuses, is not it?

Why not try something different? Why not find excuses to have sexual reasons it’s a good idea to jump in bed with a partner you like?

Just in case you have forgotten, here are the top ten reasons for having sex tonight:

1. Sex feels good. Yes, you had a rotten week. What better reason to do something that feels great? Touch is relaxing and orgasm is a welcome relief from muscular tension and mental strain.

2. Sex makes your partner feel good. You know what they say, charity starts at home! But do not only have mercy sex. Your partner probably had a rotten week too. Why not give your partner a gift that you can enjoy?

3. You will feel more desire. If your sexual desire has figured, try to have sex. Sex is an enriching activity and your brain can wake up and start wanting more. The more you avoid sex, the less you can want it. Go ahead tonight and see what’s going on.

4. Sex takes the years of leave. That is true. Research shows that sexually active couples look active ten years younger than their non-sexual peers.

5. Sex is good for your health. Sex can help pump heart rate, while it’s not exactly a cardiovascular workout, it is oxygenating the body. Bring oxygen to your body’s cells help them work properly.

6. Sex is a relief of pain. Many women say that sex helps relieve the menstrual tension. It has also been shown that sex relieves to relieve migraine and migraine in some women. Natural endorphins and opioids, the two natural pain statements in the brain, can help what you are.

7. Sex helps you feel connected. Most couples report that one of the reasons they have sex is to feel closer. If you want to maintain a real intimacy in your relationship, have sex.

8. Sex is fun. Hey, what better form of entertainment exist than lying to bed with someone and touch them everywhere? Life is hard. Sex is one of the pleasures of life. Enjoy tonight.

9. Sex helps you sleep. After orgasm, prolactin helps to relax and calm most people. So, if you did not sleep well, try sex. Think about how much you feel better in the morning.

10. Sex makes you feel loved. Everyone has the need to be touched, kissed and nourished. Of course, a box of cookies could make you feel better. But why not have the real thing from another human being who cares about you?

Now that you know all the good reasons to have sex tonight, show this article to your partner as an invitation to a “benefits event”. You will feel both better in the morning!